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Collection Envelope Dupli Full Color Print

Collection Envelope and Remittance Envelope Expert

Collection Envelope provides Collection Envelopes for fundraising and donations. Our Collection Envelopes are available in many varieties. Collection Envelope helps support the act of giving. Pricing for #6-3/4 and #9 Collection envelopes below..

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Pricing for #6-3/4 #9 collection envelopes below Collection Envelope strengthens your Fund Raising Campaigns. Special collection Envelope Pricing for your Organization, Church, School, Sports Team, or Non Profit. Collection Envelopes for a successful campaign.
Packaged with flaps extended

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Remittence Envelopes

Remittance Pricing

Remittance Envelope Pricing
Standard Size Envelope Pricing
Download Remittance Templates


Remittance envelopes have a large style flap that is approximately the same size and shape of the envelope itself.  They have a large printing surface for order forms, comes in a variety of colors, and with or without perforation for returning information. Used by schools, fund raising organizations, churches, etc. You must specify if you wish the flaps to be folded.

Collection envelopes are not the only items for fundraising that we offer. We also produce the campaign components for a fundraising envelopes such as the out going #10 envelope or the Larger envelopes with windows and non window fundraising style envelopes, donation envelopes and collection envelopes. Letters, Donation cards, Reply cards, collection envelopes and fundraising style envelopes in many configurations.
We have Collection Envelope Templates for the #6 ¾ Collection Envelope and the #9 Collection Envelope. Just Click on the tab for Remittance envelope templates. There are Collection envelope samples of actual customers so you can see what other fundraisers are using as Collection envelopes for their donations.

Brandywine Envelope



Stock No.
3-1/2 x 6
3-1/2 x 6-1/4
3-5/8 x 6-1/2
3-7/8 x 8-7/8

Collection Envelope
Direct Contact: Daron Boyd, Fundraising & Direct Mail Specialist

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